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The advantage development of laser cutting machine

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With the rapid development of laser technology, some high-tech laser equipment came into being, in which laser cutting machine is one of them. As the representative equipment of laser technology industry, its advantage is far beyond the traditional cutting equipment. So what are its characteristics and advantages? Laser cutting is a process which uses adjustable and controlled laser beam with power density of 107-109w · cm-2 as “cutting tool”. It does not need any cutting and punching tools, and there are no tool wear, machine replacement and other problems.

Laser cutting machine is a kind of non-contact surface cutting process, which has no mechanical pressure on any workpiece. It is suitable for the material cutting with large brittleness and hard, and also can cut hard materials such as metal, nonmetal, silver, copper and platinum. No damage, tear, broken edge and other problems to the processed materials!

CO2 laser marking machine

Compared with oxyacetylene cutting and plasma cutting, laser cutting machine has many advantages, such as fast cutting speed, narrow gap, small heat affected zone, neat cutting, no need of cleaning, less material consumption and so on.

Laser cutting machine can easily cooperate with computer, carry out high difficulty automatic operation, and can cut any complex curve and pattern. For the renewal of new equipment, the cycle is short and the work efficiency is high. This is the main reason why laser cutting machines have great economic benefits. Usually, the laser does not move, and the workpiece to be processed is placed on the CNC worktable with two-dimensional coordinates, so that the static laser focus on the moving workpiece, cutting out the workpiece with complex shape, so that the laser cutting machine plays a huge role in the cutting industry, bringing speeding efficiency to major enterprises, and winning the love of major enterprises!

Users who have used laser cutting technology know that laser cutting technology is realized by the continuous movement of laser beam on the surface of accessories. Laser cutting has not only changed the traditional processing methods, but also been recognized by many industries for its excellent performance advantages, which has become one of the indispensable processing methods in these industries. As a laser equipment manufacturer in Shenzhen Minsheng, the laser cutting machine has received unprecedented attention and won the recognition and love of many surrounding processing plants!