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Explain the differences between different lasers

Release Time:2021/04/08 Blog Browsing Times:59

According to the different processing materials, laser marking machine can be divided into metal marking machine and non-metal laser marking machine; according to the laser classification, common laser marking machine can be divided into semiconductor, CO2 and fiber laser marking machine. Although these common laser marking machines use laser technology for permanent marking on different materials, there are still some differences between their lasers, and the effect of their processed products is naturally different.

1. Semiconductor laser marking machine
Semiconductor lasers are designed with integrated modules, which replace the krypton lamp of YAG laser marking machine, so as to avoid the disadvantage of frequent replacement of krypton lamp; semiconductor laser has good optical mode quality, which is suitable for marking on various metal materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, etc. Semiconductor laser marking machine can be divided into semiconductor side pump laser marking machine and semiconductor end pump laser marking machine.

2. Laser marking machine
CO2 laser marking machine is processed with gas as gain medium. At present, the laser commonly used in China is imported CO2 RF laser tube. It has long service life and fast marking speed, and is suitable for marking on various non-metallic materials, such as clothing, leather, plastic, etc.

3. Fiber laser marking machine
Fiber laser marking machine is a widely used laser marking equipment, which uses a new type of fiber laser for processing and production. Because the fiber laser adopts modular design and integrated air cooling device, the volume of the fiber laser marking machine is smaller than other laser marking machines. Now many enterprises have launched a portable laser marking machine, which is conducive to the production of small area processing site. The fiber laser marking machine has good beam quality and small spot, which can be processed for a long time.